The Code of the Illumination Theory

by Archityrants

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released May 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Archityrants Curitiba, Brazil

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Track Name: Reticulan Black Ship
In the wailing wall, in segregation wall
Where the sons of the god Uno premeditate their crimes cynically
And dissimulate their insanity in fanaticism of illusive doctrines
Following the codex of slavery laws, worshiping their torturers

The lord of the damned lands weave fables to the evil impious
Preach promiscuity to the murderer to purify their blood
Weakening the gender to destroy futures individuals
And transforming generations into zombies, slaves of the new dynasty

Around the world everybody monitored by the all Seeing Eye
There is no dignity in existing, when one sells his soul for crumbs
And there will be no miserable act of false apologies to laugh for
That will vanish thousands of years of crimes against Humanity

There is no freedom when in the path there are brand new guardians!
There is no equality when gold buys the souls!
There is no fraternity when brothers struggle to survive!
There is no Humanity when everyone think it is alright!
Track Name: Ballad of the Great Oppressor
I want to take your soul, drink your blood…
I want to take out your conquered rights…out of my lands!
I want to take your soul, drink your blood…
I want to take out control of your life… with my hands!

More than light in the end of days, more than the dark of the darkest night
Shines the true evil, on the cross of the biggest cathedral, on the top of the world
In crucifix of the poor faithful, reflects fake pendant heavy as megatons
The enemies’faces destroy inside of the souls and leads to the eternal submission

I am a God and you, what are you? Just a mere sheep, or a poor animal!
If you’re not curia’s friend, you are just a bastard lost in the ditches of the third world
You are a third human, from any race, and you should serve me if I were you, your lord
‘Coz I provide you the crumbs that keep your race weak, alive and happy

I want to take your soul, drink your blood…
I want to take out your conquered rights… out of my lands!
I want to take your soul, drink your blood…
I want to take out control of your life… with my hands!
Track Name: Self Imposed Minority
Let’s get together under the Sun
For the duel where we’ll seal the destiny
Humankind will bow for their tormentor
When it will be denied them
the flame of knowledge

But Medium Brother will not shirk his Portion
He´ll come back to protect his secrets interests
Choose between staying Caves or escape
Of the Eye Ascended inspecting the Earth

Children Bastards
descendants of the Ghoulish...
Ignorant of their hidden
origin of evil...

They don´t care about Humanity
It’s just a political contest!
That hides an Economic tragedy
And it reveals the old plot for Power!

The clarity takes the spirit of the child clarified
Taking him from the tutelage of existential lack
Making him a free being, retroacting in his existence
Destroying the columns of the Temple of Submission...

Children Bastards
descendants of the Ghoulish...
Ignorant of their hidden
origin of evil...
Track Name: Promiscuous Hymns
Not even if the hangman regret themselves and beg for forgiveness
And if the defendant becomes the judge and sentence them to die
Or if he must renounce his honor indulge in hypocrisy
Humiliated before the court of legitimized molesters

Souls be come and go in the runoff of lower frequencies
In Universal Declaration they potentiate oppressive blasphemies
Occult in fake liberties distributed as democratic crumbs
Advanced consciousness repudiate archaic schemes of domination

The world will not… to stop the spin
And I can feel our origin… under my skin
The world is full of… promiscuous hymns
And I can see the chosen ones… chosen by their sins
Track Name: Pale Black Dot
It’s winter again and the nature forces
stages its vastness
And new worlds show up themselves
through the Universe
And liars spread ruffian politics
for some vinténs
Then all of us will roam to far away
from our origin
In the Pale Black Dot

The mission is only understood
for those who knows the Morpheus
When we set free from cocoon of darkness
of the illusion
Masters predestined to reprogram
their biological machines
Breaking down paradigms
in a numb Humanity
In the Pale Black Dot

Humanity killing themselves,
To believe in the strange god,
When should be killing this malefic virus,
To make the rise the superman… into… you…
Human machine is contaminated,
To make its truly, this animalization,
Their program is infected by the alien virus,
To sabotage the project of the Human…
in the Earth…

Enchanter thinks that he can hypnotize
the serpent with his flute tone
It’s the serpent that hypnotize the human
with his prayers tunes
Speeching and praising millions
of his faithful spectors
Sleeping the sleep of the damned
to spiritual gangrene
In the Pale Black Dot
Track Name: Super Tyrants
Priory where tyranic strategies are articulated
Growing thousands of slaves by political tales
Wiping chained souls out from the snake’s path to the slaughterhouse.
Self-moving animals that get lost in blood and flesh to the reptiles beings

When the rebel Angel rise to illuminate the people and unchain them
They will wake up to go on as only one erected and thinking being
Heretic of the tyrant impositions that turns men into animals dead
Despising all the lies of the God of dementia virus

The retreat from the world of the liars
Revelate: in the bastards are the jewels
Massacrate: the humans are slaves
Human Race smashing their faces

Hunter of Head, don’t hold your fire
Revelate: in the bastards are the jewels
Exterminate: the sheeps are dying
Open the fire, it’s honor for you

The same wolf that hunts down the sheep
preaches as a priest
In the temple of the thieves
where eleven ancients profess all the lies

Criminals write higher laws
of their empire’s constitution
They negotiate the souls
in the demon-cracy’s underground
Track Name: Dominion of the Organization
Suffering of the slavery syndrome
Millions of brains and only one intelligence...
For million years private by the Sun light
And submerged in the dark of Mystic fantasy

While in the temple of demons the bells groan
Solemn announcing one more morbid celebration...
The criminal organization is organized by the white Goats
That reveal themselves in Bishops adherents of the belligerency…

Than many aliens come to our land to oppress us stealing our souls
And make us their slaves spreading their crumbs and follow sucking our blood

The money of the Jews, the oil of the Muslims
The work of the Christians and the blood of Humanity

And ally themselves to the tyrants against the oppressed
Letting millions of martyrs with their bones exposed
In the edges of way that leads them to the biggest freedom
It’s when men play at being Gods, but they end becoming animals
Track Name: Sanctuary of the Criminal Aristocrats
Old thieves cluster themselves in ancient confraternities
With dirty chasuble to brag themselves about their blazons
And display their rings of guerdon conquered
By dint of the unfortunate’s heroism and blood

Bastard’s council that bow themselves to the big lark
Here are the coward spectators of the legal massacre
That decide the destiny of millions that will die
But they will hide themselves behind their frivolous laws

Their vests dyed with blood make them blessed
‘Coz the lark will never reach them in the celestial post
Immunity bought the price of the poor mortals
Immortalities reach by the crimes of all the wretched
Track Name: Maledictus
Maledictus Dominus...
Deo Sabbaoth...
Pleni sunt coeli et Terra Tirannya tua...