Black Water Revelation

by Archityrants

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released January 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Archityrants Curitiba, Brazil

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Track Name: Black Water Revelation
The white brother wears the black metal armor
He searches to know himself
His mission is registered with old blood
In the secrets of the universe
Priest dressed with their dark vests
Sing the songs of destruction
Emanates vibrations to cheer
Feeling the imminent extinction
The mist of terror gets near bringing time of complain
Revelating into the bloody mirror the atrocious truths
The garden's not paradise and turned into a dismal scene
Tale of human tragedy rational and serene poetry
The stranger sees the into the light of the dark water
Revelation in reflection of profane blood
That stages the drama of human tragedy
And tell their histories in clement verse
The mother earth fights to purge the plague
Like a promoted abortion or a infanticide
Te mother agonizes not to die before the host
That nowadays, looks like the end of the world, without mercy
Track Name: Morbid Peace
Biological unities that aren't evolved, communicate among themselves with grunts
Sleep in the shadow of the saint ignorance, passing their fugacious eternity
They hide themselves in the mantle of the archaic beliefs, that feed themselves voraciously
Their empty souls connect themselves consecrating the legacy of the submissives
And the men got lost in the darkness of the inferior lands, unconsciousness
The morbid peace is to die calmly drowning in the ocean of ignorance
All the innocence has been smashed by the ignorance
All the ignorance has been smashed by the conscience
The wisdom is the art of prevail and organize the knowledge advanced
The superior intelligence tries to contact by cerebral frequencies
The thinking machines command their cells and get into the unknown
The have drunk the secrets and the deepest mysteries and wake up the conscience
Track Name: Gruesome Symphony
Musicians execute a gruesome symphony
That is spread through the unlimited world
Won't be heard by the simple mortal beings
And will invocate the chosen ones to celebrate the evil
The adepts take themselves the path of the dark arts
Transcending unexplored lands even by its possessor
When they reach the centers searching the geomantic valleys
The lords of the world go beyond the goodness and the evil
The word's power of the dragon orator
Dancing flare dancing according to the wind
Giant Salamander sings with his igneous voice
Nocturnal mantle is the theater of the invocation
They ramble through the dark streets between the dry trees
Between the ancient tombs of the forgotten genocide popes
Where the templar goats' heads vigilate through the eternity
While the oldest serpents evocate a prayer to the heroes
Track Name: Poison of Father Is His Poisonous Son
Surrender by the enchantment of the darkness
Contemplate him surrounding the Esther
Seducer of the first virgin from immaculates
Old snake, mixed the seeds and the pure blood
Queen displayed to the moon shine
Pleasure and luxury, drink the immortality
Snake of infinity enchantment of the misteries
Wisdom that kill and cure with the same poison
The virgin becomes the queen and induces the sensible erotic dreams
Priest sacrilegious takes for him the cursed drink
The body of the queen will generate the fallen angel
And the new anti God will be born to be the king of the Universe
Priest dresses the animal's head
Fuck the girls taken by the perversion
Toast up high the wine, incenses burn around the bodies
Bitches dressed like drunk sisters inside the orgy
Father of spirituality teaches with severity
Throwing enigmas to his son as a challenge
Poison of father to passes the wisdom to the son
Poisonous son is the wisdom of the father
Track Name: Melancholic Sings of the Souls
I come walking throw my kingdom Where the darkness is
the condensed light and the power of the destrucreation
The dogs bark and snarl recoiling the preys into the labyrinth
Throw the winter shadows they appreciate our sacrifice
The men who shouldn't die elevate the humanity
Extentionists takes their words throw the crusades
The adoption do itself to destroy the scraped tablet
Rewritten with the most noble instructions of immortality
Epicenter of attacks, trembles the most elucidated empire
Where are the aberrations that hide themselves behind the cross
Clergy composed of murders that governs the daredevil state
Shady atmosphere, the howl of the wind is waiting
Ventos e tormentas que nos levam a vida à loucura
Canto melancólico das almas, faz o vampiro dançar elevando-se
Sobreviventes dividem os cadáveres com os ratos nos mausoléus
Se embriagam com vinho ensangüentado e cantam para não enlouquecer
Winds and storms that bring our lives to madness
Melancolic sing of the souls, the vampire dance elevating himself
Survivors split the corpses with rats in the mausoleum
Getting drunk with the bloody wine and sing to don't get crazy
Track Name: Dark Cypher of the Justice
I am the only lord of my acts, redeemer of myself
Executioner of fragile existence and judge of the condemnations
Insubordinate of the insurrection, and poet of insults in the epitaph
Savior of the last freedom, admirer of the hideous behavior
Raper hedonist of souls that gives pleasure when they are eaten
Posthumous heir of the sane lands' customs and sexual satiated slap-up meal
Maleficent angel that hugs the world with shady wings of destruction
Missionary that brings the illuminator fire of the wisdom, blades in the sunrise
Apocalypse's knight that observes the men and applies joust injustice
Master hunter of the horde of plague of inhabitant of Earth, reliable of a sublime duty
Darkness' spy sabotages with dangerous ideas the archaic being's world
Morning light that spreads strange values through the field of ethical principles
Track Name: Nocturnal Government
In the end of the world people search for help
Claim for their lives and cry for their dying
Scream for their rights, against their omitted leaders.
Their moans are ignored by the lords of the world
Poor bastards plead for their dignity in vain
Piled up like worms, devoured carcass
Dead organism rottens by the vultures
Flying patiently waiting for the devils feast
When man created god, the universe retroacted in evolution
And the evil laughed, watching the drama of civilization
The humans act the truly celebration of holocaust
Rehearsing the end of times, thrilling mass suicide
When your soul sickens and your spirit leave thou
Your sons will feed from your flesh
When your blood weakens and your being is dissolved
Your bones will become weapons, your sons will kill themselves
Fortunate lords, hangmen and indifferent of the sick
They delight on the anti-ethic enrichment and relish on mysery
They please on the pests' pain and laugh on genocide
They salute on the illegitimate and carry the burden of lamentations
Track Name: A.S.O.M.N.
O irmão branco traja a armadura do metal negro
Ele busca conhecer si mesmo
Sua missão está registrada com sangue velho
Nos arcanos do universo
Sacerdotes vestidos com suas batinas negras
Cantam o mantrá da destruição
Emanam vibrações para aclamar a desvastação
Presenciam a iminente extinção